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Therapy & Rehabilitation



01. Aerobic Fitness

Aerobic fitness is the body's ability to transport oxygen to exercising muscles. It is important for everyday activities such as climbing steps, walking and gardening. Improving aerobic fitness has multiple health benefits including decreased risk of heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure.

02. Muscular Strength

Strength is the body's ability to move against resistance through muscular force. It is important for everyday activities such as carrying shopping, household chores and walking. By maintaining muscular strength, we can prevent the onset of frailty and sustain an independent lifestyle.

03. Balance

Balance is the ability to stay upright and remain stable whilst moving between sitting, standing and walking. Balance is influenced by strength, flexibility and reaction times. Regular exercise is known to improve balance, reducing the risk of falls and injury. 

04. Flexibility

Flexibility is the body's ability to move through a normal range of movement. It is important for everyday activities which require bending and reaching such as gardening and getting up and down from the floor. Good flexibility will decrease the risk of musculoskeletal pain and injury. 

05. Social Wellbeing

Good psychosocial health is important for confidence and a positive outlook on life. Exercise, community activity and social contact are known to boost psychosocial health and reduce the impact of loneliness amongst older adults.

Why Power Assisted Exercise?

Our power assisted exercise technology provides a ‘helping hand’ in a low impact, full-body workout circuit for exercisers who demand to work smart and effectively.

Our solutions attracts older adults, those living with long term conditions and also people who are intimidated by a traditional gym environment to leisure and rehabilitation centres. Power assisted exercise is safe for all age groups and abilities, as users do not need to provide the motive force to overcome inertia. There are no weight stacks to control, just safe and effective power assisted technology, providing active assisted range of motion for end users.

Fact One


of Innerva users visit their chosen exercise setting 3+ times a week.

Fact Two


of Innerva users report a positive impact on their mental health, feeling more relaxed and less stressed.

Fact Three


of Innerva users say they can move better in their daily lives.

Fact Four


of Innerva operators report attracting a new market to their centre, generating new income for the business.

What our end users say

"I picked up a parcel at work and wrecked my back. I was waiting on a list for physio and covid struck. I was stuck in bed for months, I lost all use of my lower limbs, I couldn’t walk. I came here, I’ve been here two months and look at me. I can walk, I can stand, I can exercise. Everybody’s got something… I can push the hoover, I can walk down the stairs. I can sit in the garden for 20 minutes and I don’t have to get up. I’ve now got my life."


What our end users say

"I have trouble walking, I can't walk very well because of arthritis in my hip and my knees. It is improving slowly. It is brilliant, this equipment, it can do it for you, if you let it, but you know you've got to do your bit as well! Because it's power assisted it makes it easier and you know how to handle it. I was suffering from depression, I still am now and again but I look forward to it."


What our end users say

"People get fitter, people are happy. It's a wonderful place, it's wonderful for your health and wellbeing and for socialising, it's brought myself out to meet people and has made me quite fit. As you get older you slow down, you can't do certain things. Since I've been here I revert back to what I used to be...I'm getting older, but in actual fact my fitness is getting better."


What our end users say

"I was very poorly and overweight, I was very depressed and I had a son who was very poorly, so I came down and I tried it. I felt it was doing something for me and I felt good when I went home, I was a lot happier, felt a bit better and was able to do things a lot better. It's helped me lose a lot of weight and now  I go to some aerobics classes, coming to the suite was the best thing I ever did."