Power assisted technology

Unique technology that provides users with a 'helping hand' to enable them to exercise and maintain movement for longer periods of time

Low impact power assisted exercise solutions

Our power assisted exercise technology provides a ‘helping hand’ in a low impact, full-body workout circuit for exercisers who demand to work smart and effectively.

Our solutions and products provide a unique exercise and rehabilitation option for older adults and those living with long term conditions enabling them to exercise safely in a comfortable environment, whether that be in their local leisure centre, therapy or rehabilitation setting, care setting or at home. The machines are safe for all age groups and abilities as users do not need to provide the motive force to overcome inertia. There are no weight stacks to control, just safe and effective power assisted technology.

Each machine works a variety of muscle groups and with the equipment being seated and recumbent there is reduced stress on the body with lower impact on joints.

Exercise Options
Each piece of equipment has various workout settings enabling users to work at their own pace.

As users become more comfortable and used to the equipment they can choose to vary their workout.

The science behind behind the technology

Electronically controlled transmissions on each machine facilitate safe and comfortable exercise with an assistive action that can be used either passively to reduce pain and stiffness or actively by pushing into the motor's gearing to increase muscle strength, metabolism and aerobic capacity. Each piece of equipment sustains movement even if the user stops or relaxes, thereby enabling a longer workout for people with limited exercise tolerance or fatigue.

Equipment that provides a 'helping hand'

Unlike other weight and resistance equipment, Innerva provides a perfect solution for older exercisers or those who suffer from long term health conditions, whatever their ability. Whilst the user does not have to provide the motive force, the instinct to work with the machine and join in with the assistive movement is stimulated. The user is guided through a multi-directional workout to promote improved trunk and limb performance. Innerva’s unique and supportive design ensures good user technique and a safe exercise experience.

Research &

At Innerva we never sit still. We are passionate about ensuring our solutions and equipment continue to meet the needs of our end users and work with a number of research partners to ensure our product range evolves so we can ensure more older adults and those with long term health conditions can access an exercise solution. 


The Innerva experience

Customers across the UK and worldwide improve their lives everyday by visiting their local Innerva suite. In fact, most end users typically visit their local centre to exercise 3+ times per week. They not only benefit physically but also mentally, creating new friendships and social groups.  


“I was very poorly and overweight, I was very depressed and I had a son who was very poorly, so I came down and I tried it. I felt it was doing something for me and I felt good when I went home, I was a lot happier, felt a bit better and was able to do things a lot better. It's helped me lose a lot of weight and now  I go to some aerobics classes, coming to the suite was the best thing I ever did.”


“I have trouble walking, I can't walk very well because of arthritis in my hip and my knees. It is improving slowly. It is brilliant, this equipment, it can do it for you, if you let it, but you know you've got to do your bit as well! Because it's power assisted it makes it easier and you know how to handle it. I was suffering from depression, I still am now and again but I look forward to it.”


“People get fitter, people are happy. It's a wonderful place, it's wonderful for your health and wellbeing and for socialising, it's brought myself out to meet people and has made me quite fit. As you get older you slow down, you can't do certain things. Since I've been here I revert back to what I used to be...I'm getting older, but in actual fact my fitness is getting better.”