What Innerva Users Say

I had to retire from work because I've got MS. I come here five days a week. I know I'm benefitting from using the machines. I feel more confident doing things...they feel like friends, so it's nice.'

Ian, The Wellness Hub - the Arc, Bolsover

I'm new to the area and have been waiting for knee replacements. Since starting at the Wellness Hub and using the machines I've lost 2 stone in weight and I've been passed for surgery. It's been great for mental health also as she knew no-one having recently relocated. I've made lots of new friends and we now socialise outside of our exercise sessions - I'm now in a position where I can move forward and lead a better life.

Susan, The Wellness Hub - The Arc, Bolsover

Members at the Wellness Hub at the Arc, Bolsover talk about the benefits of utilising Innerva equipment and the support of the programme delivered by the team. Users see multiple benefits including improved mobility, flexibility and balance in addition to increases in strength and cardiovascular fitness. And the social elementis valued by everyone.

I was diagnosed with MS in 1986 and have undergone various treatments over the years, but more recently has started using the Innerva machines at the Charcot Centre. Exercising on the equipment has helped open up muscles that have been asleep for over 30 years, and i would recommend them to anyone who has mobility problems. I wish I'd found the Innerva equipment and the centre sooner!

Trevor, The Charcot Therapy Centre

In 2018 I suffered a stroke whilst undergoing surgery for an irregular heart beat, and was left with no use of the left side of my body. Using the Innerva machines helps with stretching and keeping my muscles moving, working them and keeping them alive. My regular visits to the centre support me to maintain an active lifestyle and manage my weight, which is important to me, as well as helping to regain my independence again.

Pat, The Charcot Therapy Centre

I feel so much better since starting my exercise sessions on the Innerva equipment. I have issues with my back and I also need a knee replacement, but I've has been advised to get as fit as she can. I was really struggling at one point and I'm moving much better now and I feel better in myself.

Christine, Everyone Active, Stratford Upon Avon

I've been coming since the suite opened. I have a disc problem in and quite bad rheumatoid arthritis, and I have now found somewhere where I can have a complete workout. I love the social atmosphere. I've never looked forward to attending the gym before but now I've found a place I enjoy coming to due to the social environment and like minded people.

Sheila, Everyone Active, Stratford Upon Avon

"I picked up a parcel at work and wrecked my back. Waiting on the list for physio and Covid struck. I was stuck in beds for months, eventually I lost all use of my lower limbs, lost my bodily functions and I couldn't walk. I came here, I've been here two months, and look at me...I can walk, I can stand, I can exercise. They are absolutely brilliant people here, who care for you. So many different people, you're accepted as everybody's got something. I can push the hoover, I can now walk down the stairs. I've now got my life."

Michelle, Grimsby Leisure Centre, Lincs Inspire

Members at Everyone Active, Straford talk about the differene the Wellness Suite makes to both theor physical and mental health, giving them a reason to get out of the house and meet to ecercise with new friends. Not only have they made new socila connections, they have seen real benefits to their health, including improved circulation, balance, flexibility, strength and overall mobility. It's also been a real eye-opener for the team at the centre, seeing how the facility has changed people's lives for the better.

Everyone Active, Stratford Upon Avon

“I have trouble walking. I can't walk very well because of arthritis in my hip and my knees. It is improving slowly. It is brilliant, this equipment, it can do it for you, if you let it, but you know you've got to do your bit as well! Because its power assisted it makes it easier and you know how to handle it. I was suffering from depression, I still am now and again but I look forward to it.”

Kevin, Pendle Leisure Centre

"When I had my knee replacement my consultant said I could go back to aqua aerobics, but the aqua aerobics machine broke down, so for a month I could do no exercise and I could feel the difference on my body. I came into the Feelgood room and had an induction and I've been coming here ever since. I want people to know it has helped my mobility and just because you have a knee replacement doesn't mean to say you can't come on these machines. I've had two knee replacements and it relieves my stiffness, my mobility is better for coming and also the social aspect of the group, we are now friends and socialise outside here as well. Mentally, physically and mobility wise I am better.

Kath, St. Peter's Leisure Centre, Burnley

“People get fitter, people are happy. It's a wonderful place, it's wonderful for your health and wellbeing and for socialising, it's brought myself out to meet people and has made me quite fit. As you get older you slow down, you can't do certain things. Since I've been here I revert back to what I used to be...I'm getting older, but in actual fact my fitness is getting better.”

Nancy, Grimsby Leisure Centre, Lincs Inspire

"When I first had my stroke, after a little while, the physio suggested that I might try this. I was eager to try anything that I thought would help me get better. When I first started this, I felt an instant relief, your limbs are more mobile and the repetitive movement is good for me, particularly as a stroke victim. The environment is lovely, very calming, a nice clean, open one and the company is very good. Your body has to relearn what it did before and the repetitive movement helps that. I have met other people with stroke and it's nice to know how you are getting on compared to them."

Lesley, Grimsby Leisure Centre, Lincs Inspire

The team and customers at Grimsby Leisure Centre describe how Innerva equipment and their regular visits have impacted on their daily lives. The power assisted technology supports users to be functionally better, but also helps with social wellbeing, interacting with others and providing a social hub. ‘On a day when you really really don’t want to get out of bed, I make myself get out of bed, come down here, have a laugh with people and usually when I go home, I’m in a much better frame if mind.’ ‘Since I’ve been here, I’ve reverted back to what I used to be. I’m getting older, but in fact, my fitness is getting better.’

The Wellness Hub, Grimsby Leisure Centre