UKRI Adding Years to Life - Impact Report 2024

May 20th, 2024

UKRI Healthy Ageing Challenge Report - Adding Life to Years: Achieving impact for healthier later lives

I Can Therapy Centre Impact Report 2022-23

Apr 04th, 2024

The Impact Report, the first post-Covid-19 pandemic captures the essence the great work undertaken at the I Can Therapy Centre, run by Valley Leisure. It looks at the breakdown of their customers and shows the impact that the centre and team are having on their local community.

Centre for Better Ageing 'State of Ageing 2023-2024' Summary Report

Dec 05th, 2023

The State of Ageing 2023-24 is the most detailed, varied and up-to-date report about ageing in England of it's kind. This summary report shines a light on the growth in size and diversity of older age groups and the many ways in which the older population are changing. It highlights stark inequalities, and the need for urgent action to stop them growing rapidly over the coming decades. Such action would enable millions more of us to age well – rather than facing a retirement of financial insecurity and poor health.

Innerva End User Impact Report 2023

Nov 08th, 2023

Our latest end user report looks at the benefits of exercising on the Innerva power-assisted solution on the five elements of healthy ageing - aerobic fitness, muscular strength, balance, flexibility and social wellbeing as well as the main long-term health condition groups.

Europe Active Active Ageing Communities Report - Executive Summary

Nov 08th, 2023

Active Ageing Communities (AAC) was a 2-year project (2021-2022) co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission and coordinated by EuropeActive, which aimed at creating communities for healthy and active older people in fitness and recreational sport environments.

An Intensive Exercise Program Using a Technology-Enriched Rehabilitation Gym (TERG) for the Recovery of Function in People With Chronic Stroke: Usability Study

Sep 14th, 2023

This study aimed to assess the feasibility of the TERG approach and gather preliminary evidence of its effect for future research.

The Five Elements of Healthy Ageing Report, 2022

Nov 29th, 2022

An evaluation of the biomechanical, muscular and physiological responses to power assisted exercise amongst healthy older adults - The Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University

'We are all in this together': a creative non-fiction story of older adults participating in power-assisted exercise

Oct 11th, 2022

In this study the research team aimed to explore older adults’ experience of community based power assisted (PA) exercise and its potential impact on social exclusion, isolation and loneliness (SEI&L).

Power-assisted exercise for people with complex neurological impairment: a feasibility study

Aug 30th, 2022

Participation in physical activity and exercise presents a challenge for adults with complex neurological impairment. Power-assisted exercise facilitates combined limb and trunk movement and may be an option for people with movement impairment. The aim of this study was to determine whether power-assisted exercise is a feasible activity option for people with complex neurological impairment.

Users' experience of community-based power assisted exercise: a transition from NHS to third sector services

Aug 30th, 2022

Seated Power Assisted Exercise (PAE) equipment is an accessible exercise mode for people with limited mobility following stroke and is available at a small number of community- based venues. The purpose of this qualitative study was to understand the lived experience of using PAE amongst PwS in a community venue and identify recommendations for the development and advancement of PAE equipment.

Trunk Flexibility Improvement in Response to Power Assisted Exercise

Aug 30th, 2022

The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of innerva (previously Shapemaster) Power Assisted Exercise Equipment (SPAEE) on trunk flexibility.

End User Impact Report March 2020

Aug 30th, 2022

End User report across 8 Innerva (preciously Shapemaster) suites, surveying 307 end users, to identify the health and social benefits of regular exercise on power assisted equipment.


Aug 30th, 2022

The impact of power assisted exercise on balance, muscular strength and mobility and agility, a 12 week study by Oklahoma University .

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