Research and Development

The science and engineering behind Innerva

At Innerva, we are knowledge-led and have a strong track record in research and development, which means you gain a partner whose solutions and products are developed uniquely for older adults and those living with long-term conditions.

Oklahoma State University’s study of Innerva equipment with users aged 70+ observed over a 12-week period:

  • Improvements in muscle strength: between 24% and 50%
  • Mobility and agility increase: 22%
  • Balance increase: 33%

Our partnership with the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre and Sheffield Hallam University provides scientific evidence of the physiological impact of Innerva exercise equipment. Recent studies evaluated the biomechanical, muscular and physiological responses amongst healthy older adults and confirmed benefits of the equipment for our target markets.

Our partnerships with Manchester Metropolitan University and Strathclyde University places us at the leading edge of product innovation, taking our knowledge forward to creating the solutions that society needs.

At Innerva we also currently employ a product development engineer who works alongside numerous expert partners across academia and engineering to further develop the product range ensuring it continues to meet the needs of the older adult and those with long term health conditions. We have also recently appointed a KTP partner to focus on operational excellence to support our ever expanding business and product range.

For more information on our recent research please visit our Knowledge Zone.