Supporting Care Providers

Providing exercise solutions to support those in care remain active, improving daily quality of life

Care Providers

Innerva’s mission is to design innovative fitness equipment to help older people remain physically and socially active in the second half of their lives.

Our power assisted exercise equipment provides a sustainable exercise solution for older adults: 75% of Innerva users exercise 3 or more times per week.

Including Innerva exercise equipment in your care home, means residents can remain fully engaged for longer – remaining independent and reducing demands on your staff.

  • A safe, comfortable and social solution for older exercisers
  • Health (physical & mental) – building future resilience to seasonal illnesses (e.g winter flu) and future pandemics
  • Long-term independence – supporting older adults to become/stay active, improving mobility, balance and confidence
  • Reducing social isolation - providing a social hub to combat loneliness

Our design engineers and physiotherapy consultants are dedicated to creating modern exercise solutions for the older adult, and our partnerships with the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University and with Manchester Metropolitan University mean Innerva are leading experts in fitness equipment for older adults.

Our active ageing experts are happy to discuss your plans:

  • Replacing existing fitness equipment
  • Creating a gym or wellbeing suite in an under-utilised space
  • Designing exercise facilities for pipeline projects

With an Innerva suite in your home, existing and future residents – and their families – can be reassured that they are investing in the very best later-life experience, sustained by the wellbeing benefits of exercise well into their 80s, 90s and beyond.

In addition the NICE quality standard 2014 Falls in Older People states:

Strength and balance training is recommended. Those most likely to benefit are older people living in the community with a history of recurrent falls and/or balance and gait deficit. A muscle strengthening and balance programme should be offered.

Proven Results

Proven Results An independent study in the effectiveness of Shapemaster
equipment on those whose average age was 75 resulted in:


Increased balance
by over



Arm strength
increased by



Leg strength
increased by



Increased upper
body strength by





We have great machines, they are proving to be popular as it strengthens the legs, arms and knees and also pelvic muscles thereby reducing the loss of bladder and bowel control. All of this can add to maintaining the dignity and independence of our residents.

Tony Grundy, Activity Manager, Silk, Heather Grange