The I Can Therapy Centre in Andover was launched in November 2017. Owned, operated and managed by independent charity Valley Leisure Ltd, with a core mission of enabling people to ‘move more and feel better’.

Usage & Impact

Initially a target of 125 users was set for the first year of operation. However based on the charity’s recent impact report, the data reveals that almost four times this number of users were engaged with 489 users being welcomed to the facility and  476 users becoming active users.


Health & Wellbeing Impact

  • 75% of participants indicated that their primary reason for visiting the facility was medically related
  • Osteoarthritis was the most significant prevalence with over 39% of users indicating that they had the condition
  • Over 66% of users say they generally feel better since using the facility
  • 39% of user say that their mobility has improve, whilst just over 14% indicate that they can move parts of the body that they couldn’t move before
  • Over 60% agreed that since coming to the centre they feel fitter and stronger
  • Over 56% agreed that since coming to the facility their walking ability has improved
  • Just over 10% indicated that their social life had improved

I feel safe, valued, supported and encouraged

Debbie Saunders, Service User –  I Can Therapy Centre