Your Leisure currently operate two Shapemaster suites within the South East. Their ‘Feelgood’ suite based at Ramsgate Leisure Centre has been operating for 7  years whilst their high street model in Margate having launched in 2017.

Investment & Commercial Success

With an investment of £95k for equipment and rennovation work, the Margate site and now relocated to Hartsdown Leisure Centre has seen a return on investment with 3 years whilst the Ramsgate facility recovered initial investment within 18 months.

Both sites attract around 300 members each month with a monthly income of £9k per site.

Commercial Success

Both facilities attract over 300 members with an average monthly income of £9k per site.

Within 18 months of the Ramsgate site opening, Your Leisure had already recovered the initial investment and Margate seeing a return on investment within 3 years.

Impact on Health & Wellbeing

Following a survey conducted amongst members at the Ramsgate site, the impact on health and wellbeing revealed very positive results:

  • 67% say that since using the centre they generally feel better
  • 23% felt that their mobility had improved
  • 46% say they can now move better
  • 28% indicated that their social life had improved
  • 66% agreed that they felt fitter and stronger
  • 59% agreed the centre offers good value for money

We discovered, based on the completed surveys that the average age of users was 68 and 72% of participants visited the centre more than three times a week (in most cases five times a week).

We genuinely recognise Shapemaster as one of our most valued partners in our industry in respect of working relationship built on honesty, trust, cooperative approach and support. Some of the stand out examples are training and outreach support. This support has led to significant results in regards to reaching more clients. Overall Shapemaster have been and we know will continue to be a valued partner within our business and its increased potential and revenue.

Ian Barker, Community and Funding Manager, Your Leisure

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