15 Dec

Virke names Feelgood the big growth winner in the Norwegian fitness industry

By David Heathcote 15th Dec, 2021 Leisure News

Our distributor in Norway has grown its Feelgood brand by an average of 221% every year since 2015. Figures from the Fitness Center report 2021 that Virke, The Federation of Norwegian Enterprise, presented this week show that Feelgood is Norway’s fastest growing fitness centre chain.

In the period 2015-2020, Feelgood opened 42 public health centres, the number used when Virke calculated the average growth in its report. After the report was completed, the demand for new Feelgood centres continued and today the chain has a total of 49 centres in Norway.

This makes Feelgood Norway’s second largest training chain measured in number of centres.

“I am incredibly proud of the success of our friends in Norway and on behalf of the team in the UK, would like to thank them for everything they do. Tusen takk!”

Howard Blackburn, Managing Director, Shapemaster

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