01 Dec

Industry leaders to debate how the sector can engage with older adults to better support the UK’s ageing population

By Laura Childs 01st Dec, 2022 Leisure Rehabilitation

Industry leaders and academic partners will come together next week to discuss how the physical activity sector can embrace the power of older adults to deliver more inclusive services in response to our rapidly ageing society.

David Minton, founder and director of Leisure DB; Graeme Hinde, founder of the Leisure & Fitness Exchange and LFX Coaching; and Dr Samantha Meredith, research fellow at the faculty of medicine at the University of Southampton, will take part in the second of Innerva’s active ageing webinar series.

Hosted by Innerva’s commercial director, Jon Hymus, the online event entitled ‘Offline Influencers - Do we understand the value of older customers?’ will see the panel discuss how the sector can benefit from engaging with older people and what it can learn from the personal experiences and stories of older exercisers.

“By 2030, the over 60s will be one of the largest demographic groups in the UK, holding the majority of its wealth and spending power. But while people are living longer, they are not necessarily living better. Our sector can help people to age well but only if it makes the necessary changes to respond to the UK’s changing age demographic. And that starts with listening to the voices of older people,” says Hymus.

Despite being one of the UK’s largest generational groups, Baby Boomers (those born between 1946-1964)  remain under-served when it comes to physical activity opportunities. Next week’s webinar will give industry professionals the opportunity to discuss how the industry can better understand the needs of the UK’s ageing population, their influence and spending power. They will share their expertise and experience on how best to engage with older adults and ensure their voices are heard so that businesses can adapt their programmes and services to  benefit from the offline influence this demographic can and will most definitely, provide.

The webinar takes place on 7th December at 2pm. To attend, sign up here.