31 May

Health and Fitness is NOT fit for purpose?

By Laura Childs 31st May, 2023 Leisure Rehabilitation

We are delighted to be hosting a frank and thought-provoking panel discussion at Elevate 2023 next month. As the UK’s largest trade show dedicated to fitness, sport and physical activity, Elevate attracts more than 7,000 professionals from across the sector and so is the ideal platform to challenge providers to rethink the way they deliver health and fitness.


And they need to. For far too long, operators have all been chasing the same small share of the market. But if we are serious about pivoting to active wellbeing, we have to move beyond the active 15% of gym users. How can we attract older adults, ethnic minorities, the most deprive and people living with long term health conditions to our facilities? We know our current offer isn’t working, so how can we innovate and work differently to ensure further reach into communities to impact the lives of all members of the public.


Chaired by Jon Hymus, Commercial Director of Innerva and featuring Eric Kihlstrom, Chair of Wave Active; Naseem Akhtar, Founder of Saheli Hub;  Tamara Bailey, Customer Engagement Manager at TA6 Powered by Alliance Leisure; and Helen Bull, National Commercial Aquatics Manager at Serco Leisure, this session will explore why operators are so reluctant to change and adapt the traditional health, fitness and leisure offer to cater for new markets.


Not only are operators missing out on hugely profitable business opportunities by ignoring these markets, they are also denying access to those who would benefit most for being physically active.


By adapting their offer to serve all members of the public, operators can deliver valuable returns for local residents, develop effective partnerships with the healthcare sector and above all, build healthier, stronger and more resilient communities.


But if we continue to operate in the same way, we will continue to fail the majority of the population.


Join us for a fascinating and challenging debate.


Date/Time: Wednesday 14th June, 13.50-14.20

Theatre: The Business of Physical Activity

Session Title: Health and Fitness is NOT fit for purpose?


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