28 Aug

Innerva appoints power-assisted exercise user as exclusive distributor in Ireland

By Laura Childs 28th Aug, 2023 Care Provider Leisure Rehabilitation

Woman who was excluded from gyms and exercise committed to promoting accessible exercise and wellbeing

A woman who used Innerva’s power-assisted exercise equipment to treat her long-term health conditions has become the exclusive distributor of the brand in Ireland.

Martina Calvey, a businesswoman and former teacher and guidance counsellor, is the driving force behind Hello GoodLife Wellbeing, a new company dedicated to rolling out Innerva’s cutting-edge equipment across Ireland.

Ms. Calvey is committed to making exercise more inclusive and accessible following her own health challenges which excluded her from mainstream health and fitness facilities.

The previously active 56-year-old from the West of Ireland was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 1991, which threatened to confine her to a wheelchair. Unwilling to accept such a fate, she explored alternative therapies and treatments and eventually discovered Innerva’s power-assisted exercise equipment.

The unique power-assisted nature of Innerva’s equipment had a profound impact on Ms. Calvey’s health. With regular use of the equipment her symptoms improved and the condition went into remission for two decades. She has lived with a return of the disease since 2011 - following a brush with cancer, the arthritis returned and confined her to bed for months, left her unable to walk independently for almost two years and resulted in her 14th surgery followed by life in a wheelchair for six months. Remembering the positive impact of power-assisted exercise years before, Ms. Calvey contacted Innerva to bring the solution to Ireland.

With the support of her partner, Seamus Davitt, Ms. Calvey established Hello GoodLife Wellbeing. As the exclusive distributor for Innerva’s power-assisted exercise equipment in Ireland, the pair are committed to making exercise accessible to all, regardless of their physical limitations. Martina understands firsthand the challenges faced by individuals who are unable to access traditional gyms and aims to provide a solution through Innerva’s innovative equipment.

“There are lots of people like me who can’t access standard gyms, not because we are lazy or disinterested, but because health and fitness clubs aren’t set up to cater for our needs. As a former gym user, I felt so excluded when I couldn’t find anywhere to exercise. Discovering Innerva’s power-assisted exercise equipment was life-changing for me, and I want to bring the solution to Ireland to make exercise accessible for everyone,” says Ms. Calvey.

Hello GoodLife Wellbeing is not just about supplying equipment; it’s about creating a movement. Ms. Calvey wants to establish hubs across Ireland, where people can engage in inclusive and uplifting exercise experiences that prioritise their physical, social and mental wellbeing.

With Ireland’s ageing population, there is a growing need for specialised fitness solutions and Hello GoodLife Wellbeing is set to support various sectors including leisure, rehabilitation, therapy and care.

David Heathcote, Innerva’s Head of Business Development, says: “Martina’s inspiring journey is testament to her determination and resilience and the potential of power-assisted exercise to transform lives. We’re thrilled to partner with Hello GoodLife Wellbeing to bring our solution to Ireland and make inclusive exercise a reality for everyone.”

For more information on Hello Goodlife Wellbeing see thier website.