Side Bend Stepper

The Side Bend Stepper exercises the major muscle groups (both upper and lower extremity), works the heart and lungs helping to raise energy levels and increase oxygen supply to the cells. It also helps to improve coordination.

Key Benefits

Increased strength for standing and stepping

Improves muscle tone in arms

Reduces back pain

Increases rib-cage flexibility

Targeted Areas

Waist, Hips, Abdominals, Arms, Shoulders, Legs, Glutes, Lower Back.

Technical specifications


Width 108cm
Length 130cm
Height 153cm

Electrical Specification

Voltage 220v/240v (110v-USA)
Amps 3 Amps
Plug Cable Length 1.5 metre


Side Panels High impact resistant ABS plastics

Touch screen options

Programme Options:

Interval – A continuous power assisted programme of fast-slow-fast-slow.

Peak – A continuous power assisted programme which starts slow, elevates to fast and completes on slow.

Dip – A continuous power assisted programme which starts fast, decreases to slow and completes on fast.

Other Features Include:

Display countdown at the end of each workout which encourages a safe dismount & attention to exercise circuit timings.

Manual emergency stop button which shuts down the machine immediately, followed by a warning screen and audible beep to alert a member of staff.


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